Friday, June 15, 2012

The farewell party-ride!

Last night's regular steel*wool Thursday night ride was partially apportioned in my favor since we are leaving the state for norcal pretty soon. ( Not as soon as previously planned, but still -- I'm only going to get one party!) It was good excuse to get some of these family guys up the hill to ride some Ned singletrack anyways! Thanks to Heyride, The Powers, Big Daddy, and KPOW for all the extra work and $ that went into the night.  I'm lucky to have you as friends!

We did a short ride on the local stuff north of town and ended with some fun no brakes curvy singletrack before shooting down to the Reservoir on a trail I've somehow never done before.  Funny how that goes. I've been here HOW long and still find new stuff that has been there for years? Nuts. So anyways, here's some photos from the night.

Dubba in full Pilot regalia and Heyride donning the steel & wool leading the group out of Ned.

Heading up Peekibou Rd.

Dubba down RBV...

...followed by MT!

Clear Lake pit stop. Beverages were served.
They shall be un-named to protect the, i mean...innocent.
Crazy fast riders drinking beer on rides is so refreshing to see.

Catching up with G-daddy who made the trip up from the Springs! That's me on the left with a sweet going away jersey...just AWESOME! I'm looking more like my grandfather every year...
I've never ridden this trail before either, even though I live here. WTF?! It's just so obvious!
Upon return, the skies opened up in a lightening storm. Luckily we were inside with pints and tapas.
BigDaddy pouring pints in his new establishment.
The fake-fire pit keeping us cozy outside.
Thanks y'all for showing up for the ride and meant a lot to me and Mrs. Meriwether!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photos in spring

Two red-tailed hawks having coffee
Only a few snow patches left up high (11,000ft.), a very dry spring here.
Jasper Peak from Caribou Flat
a young moose cow (female) walking around our house and then down our driveway

Tango grazing on the new shoots

Long-tailed weasel hunting in the rocks

Friday, May 25, 2012

The 2 pics of the week

two up-and-coming bull elk in the front pasture.

Mt. Evans in the far distance on a ride after a lot of snow fell up high Thurs AM.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tin Shed Sports & Salto Coffee Works

Tin Shed Sports and Salto coffee works opened a couple of weeks ago in Nederland. It's BigDaddy & KPOW's awesome creation of cranks and beans....oh, and great food, beer, wine and spacious atmosphere.  Serious espresso, Modus Hoperandi and Stone IPA on tap, clocktower, rad west-facing outside 'plaza', bike stands to tune-up your own damn bike (or get Heyride to do it inside)...the list goes on and on. Heyride's managing the bike shop and I don't think has taken a day off since they opened.

It's pretty crazy to see a full-service bike shop in Ned with anything you need to go ride - including spanking new bikes. I hear winter gear is also on tap.  The coffee and food at Salto is awesome and they have plans to soon roast their own in house. This place by FAR has the biggest space to kick back and relax in Ned.  It's a bummer we're moving so we can't enjoy more of this place. Go check it out if you're in town and support this rad local business!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming pups

Izzy fetching a stick. That's about as far in as she'd go.
  A hike near the new house on our trip out last week in between painting, moving stuff and so on. This area is popular in the summer but right now there's not a soul since the campgrounds are closed for the winter and haven't opened yet.  Just a boating fisherman and we had the place to ourselves. But apparently we have to watch out for an attack river joke. It went after a person here last year...!?

Jesse, on the other hand, couldn't swim enough. They are going to love it here.
Izzy just doesn't like getting in the water! But peer pressure...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Izzy, Coyote, Spring

Not sure what to write about this little terror but she's settling into her new home nicely and learning to kind of 'play' with the Guppies. She's so much more rambunctious than them though, she scares them. She still won't get IN water unless there's a rock she wants to grab in there or a stick, yep, she likes to chase rocks and sticks not balls or toys. It's really odd.

Spring is in full force at the ranch, hummingbirds are back, came in last week sometime. The Larkspur's are flowering on the back hill, and some of the Pasque's are already seeing out. Lots of wildlife almost every day - moose yesterday, two coyotes today, fox almost every day, deer passing through every other day, it's a great wildlife viewing property for sure. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fatbiking the crust!

The north-sides look like this...awesome crust if you get there early enough.

The south-facing slopes look like this. Same elevation or even higher as the previous picture.

Brail trail ala crust!

Roots buried down there somewhere.  Pick your line!

Superman #2. Some times the front wheel would just hit a soft spot...

So, from now on, I'm going to try to keep my bike stuff over at my Meriwether Cycles blog since I'm basically always 'testing' my own bikes to some degree.  I'll leave this blog for my family and skiing and other random rants unrelated to cycling in all likelihood.